Many people like yourself have already linked arms with others in developing nations, and through your generosity and their hard work, homes for orphans are being completed.

In most developing countries, when orphans reach the age of majority, they are left to fend for themselves, and a large and unnecessary number of them have no place to call home, only to return to the streets on which they were once found. 

As in any city, gangs, drugs, crime, alcohol, and prostitution are life on those streets, so we’re making a way for you to make a different world for them by giving them homes to call their own. And that’s only where it starts. We know that you have big hearts, and that building homes is good, but it’s not all there is to seeing our next generation become world leaders. 

Skills development and training are essential to life, and your donations have already prepared land and farming practices for these sons and daughters to learn and become self sufficient by. 

Academic and health education, and social integration are also necessary to allow these kids to flourish back in the world which once tried to keep them out. These bases also are being covered to ensure that no matter what their individual strengths or struggles, champions will emerge to effect beautiful change.

Mercy Mandate is simply a bridge connecting you these world changers!